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Prepare Your Property For Resale With A Thorough Clean Down

Selling a property in the UK can take an average of 65 days, according to online real estate agent Rightmove. For the fortunate homeowners, a property can be sold in two months. But it often takes much longer for others, with obvious factors like space, location, transport and others affecting the process. A less obvious factor, however, is cleanliness, and it’s one that homeowners actually can control.

Messy Homes Put Off Buyers

Incredibly, online real estate specialist SellingUp has revealed in a 2015 study that 55% of buyers would reduce their offer for a messy house. Meanwhile, 15% of buyers would lose interest or withdraw their offer. Overall, the data indicates that 70% of potential buyers can be negatively impacted by the sight of visible mess in a prospective home.

Clutter can also play a role, with 44% seeking to reduce their offer due to lack of space, while 25% would walk away completely. For homes and businesses that lack space, the worst thing to do is leave items strewn around the house with nowhere to store them.

SellingUp conducted this research with the assistance of Populus, a UK-based market research firm. The research is further legitimised by the fact that more than 1,000 UK buyers responded to the survey. Having such a large group of respondents clearly highlights that messy properties matter, and this that is a factor that sellers cannot afford to overlook.


Dirty Homes Are Less Appealing

SellingUp questioned respondents on 16 factors that could negatively impact a sale. Many of the factors cannot be controlled, such as living next to a graveyard or having poor mobile phone coverage. Therefore, it seems surprising that homeowners would not keep their home clean when this is a factor they can directly control.

The study also mentioned how messy homes can result in fewer buyers coming to see the properties. Basically, a smaller pool of buyers is bad for selling a home because it means that competition will likely be less intense, resulting in a smaller sale price. In turn, this will leave less money to invest in a new property.

Another statistic worth quoting is that 27% of buyers will attempt to negotiate a few hundred pounds off an asking price for the specific purpose of hiring a professional cleaner. Instead, homeowners and business owners can profit by hiring a professional cleaner on their own terms. To conclude, finding an affordable cleaner can be more profitable than letting buyers negotiate a lower price to pay for their own.


At NECS, we understand that struggling to sell your property can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help! From helping you scrub up your home to saleable standard, to deep commercial cleaning for worn out and dirty offices or corporate buildings. Get in touch with our friendly team by emailing us at for cleaning advice, tips and more information on how we can help you!

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Top Tips for Organising Your Home Cleaning Schedule

Balancing the demands of work, children and housework can often be a challenge. Not many people relish the idea of home cleaning, especially when the list of tasks appears endless and time is perpetually short. By setting up a home cleaning schedule you can make the task feel less overwhelming and maximise the free time you have available to do things you enjoy.

1) Spread out your tasks

Traditionally many working families leave their house cleaning tasks to the weekend. While this is an easy habit to slip into when you’re busy, it risks turning every weekend into a relentless round of chores and consigns the home to looking like a tip during the week. Instead of doing everything on a Saturday or Sunday, package out the tasks throughout the week. For instance you could hoover the stairs and downstairs rooms on Monday, clean the bathrooms on Tuesday, do your ironing on Wednesdays. Spreading your tasks over the week means you spend less time per day on housecleaning and the chores seem less onerous.


2) Delegate!

The more people who were involved in home cleaning, the more of a team effort it will be in the less time it will take. If you have a partner and family, sit down and allocate tasks so that each member of the household plays their part fairly. While age and work schedule should be taken into account, the principle should be that everyone contributes to the best of their ability. This includes teenaged children! Where possible, each family member should have a balance of jobs they don’t mind and jobs they dislike, so that one person isn’t stuck with all the horrible jobs.



3) Get all the help you can

Don’t feel you need to rely exclusively on elbow grease to keep your home clean and tidy. There are some excellent cleaning products available on the market now that can significantly reduce the time required to clean tricky areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Take advantage of these. Also, keep an eye open for other time-saving devices as they come on the market. An example for 2016 are automated robotic vacuum cleaners. While the first generations of any new technology are bound to be expensive, they rapidly drop in price, and retailers such as Amazon and Argos usually have flash discount sales just prior to a new version being released. Keep an open mind and look out for a good deal.

4) Distract yourself

House work doesn’t have to be viewed as a penance. Try changing the way you look at home cleaning to make it an enjoyable activity. See it as an opportunity to enjoy listening to a podcast or audiobook, or maybe one of your favourite albums. This goes a long way to avoid the frustrating feeling that house work is somehow ‘dead time’.

Home cleaning is a fact of life but doesn’t have to be an exercise in drudgery. Planning your chores and organising your schedule in advance can take the pain out of house work and free up time for more enjoyable activities.

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DIY Home Cleaning Tips

For people wanting to keep their home clean and tidy while at the same time reducing their environmental impact, home cleaning can be a daunting prospect. The vast majority of shop bought cleaning products are crammed full of bleach, colourings and chemicals; that may pose a potential risk to both personal health and the environment. So, how did our grandparents and great grandparents cope without all these chemical cleaners at their disposal?

The following DIY home cleaning tips are drawn from traditional recipes and are proven to really work. They are a great alternative for householders looking for a green option for keeping their home clean.

Natural bathroom cleaner spray

You can make a simple and effective bathroom cleaner with a few of the following biodegradable ingredients:

3 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons borax
50 ml of vegetable oil based liquid soap
50 mill of distilled white vinegar
5 teaspoons of salt

A few drops of your favourite essential oil – grapefruit and other citrus scents are great for bathrooms.To make your cleaning spray, simply mix the ingredients together and keep them in an airtight bottle. When you need to use it, pour a few dashes into a spray bottle and top it up with water. Spray on the surfaces, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then wipe them down with a clean cloth.



Kitchen Cleaning Powder

This natural and very old-fashioned kitchen cleaning formula is extremely effective at disinfecting surfaces, restoring a shine to your sink and cleaning of mould and bacteria.

6 teaspoons baking soda
6 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
6 teaspoons of sea salt

Mix the dry ingredients altogether and keep them in an airtight jar until needed. To use, but 2 ½ teaspoons in a bowl and dilute with 70 ml of distilled vinegar and 200 ml water.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Natural clothing stain remover

Ever wondered how your forebears got rid of pesky clothing stains such as chocolate, dirt or grease? The answer; white chalk. To remove the stains, cover the offending mark with white chalk before you put it in the wash. The chalk draws the stain out of the clothing in the same way as a proprietary cleaning product. Try it! It really is very effective.

Until the advent of commercially produced chemical cleaners, salt, baking soda and vinegar, scented with herbs and essential oils, formed the basis of all household cleaners. Householders swore by them for decades for a simple reason – they worked, and still do. For a DIY approach to eco-friendly household cleaning, delve into your grandmother’s cleaning recipe book and never use a bottle of chemical cleaner again!

Want to find out more about the ingredients in these recipes? Here are some cleaning tips and more recipes:¶m1=lifestyle¶m2=1806941¶m5=5¶m6=6#slide=12

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Spruce up for Spring with NECS!

When spring is in the air, everyone seems to want to start cleaning. It may be something that is deep in the human condition, perhaps ever since the best way to spend the winter was to curl up at the back of the cave and wait for the sun to come back. Getting rid of all the frosty bedding must have been a wonderful feeling and this is perhaps what affects us still. It may of course simply be that the first rays of spring sunshine shows up the cobwebs – whatever the reason, spring cleaning is on the horizon and it might not be pretty!

Acres of dusty floors?

If your premises has a whole winter’s worth of dust and grime to tackle, it can be a bit overwhelming. The problem with a dusty environment is that it is hard to decide which to tackle first – will dusting the shelves onto the floor simply result in the dust flying back into the air when you sweep? So is it best to sweep first – but then, where does all the dust from the shelves go? One way is to damp dust, which has the added advantage that you can add just a spot of disinfectant to the water which will not only get rid of lingering germs but will also give the place a nice smell. The other way is even simpler – get in touch with NECS and let our fully-trained staff get rid of all your winter grime for you.

Overwhelmed by cobwebs and other yucky bits?

In the winter it is easy to look the other way when cobwebs start to sag from the corners and piles of untended rubbish built-up in dark spaces. The mornings are dark. The evenings are dark. And very often, the bit in between is dark as well. But in the spring, the sun highlights all the grubby bits that you would rather forget and whether you need someone to de-clutter and really blitz an office space, or need a rather more precise service such as blinds cleaning or even having your grounds tidied up, it is so much easier to call in the professionals rather than ask your staff to step out of their usual roles and get down and dirty. Having the right tools for the job is key and NECS can come to your rescue and your cobweb ceiling swags will soon become a thing of the past.

If you’d like to chat to us about sprucing up your premises for just in time for spring, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 32 88 933.

Commercial Cleaning

ISO Accreditation Marks Start of New Growth for NECS

A phase of new growth has been marked by our recent triple award of ISO accreditations at NECS. The coveted standards awarded are 9001, 14009 and 18001 for quality management, environmental management, and occupational health & safety.

As many of you may know, ISO accreditation is seen as an important step in demonstrating that a product will always meet the expectations of the customer, and fulfils certain safety criteria. In other words, it is a symbol of credibility that is not handed out every day.

We believe accreditation to be a key step in growing our business, including providing important jobs in the Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds areas. We have always been a community-minded company and enjoy the opportunity to invest in local areas.

“This will open a number of doors with larger clients that would not previously have been available to us,” said Gary Breach, Managing Director. “It also gives existing and potential clients confidence in the quality of service and product we offer,” he added.

As part of our ISO recognition we’re pleased to announce the launch of our own branded range of eco-friendly cleaning products.

The new, rigorously tested products feature enzyme technology instead of caustic agents, making them intrinsically safer to both people and the environment. Importantly, there’s no compromise in terms of quality, efficiency or cost.

The new range not only performs better than older, less eco-friendly products, but – according to our clients – they smell nicer, too!

Compared to the previous generation of eco cleaning products, the new range is much easier to use, requires less training, and ultimately saves our clients’ money. We believe that in this time of economic difficulty for many, we provide the perfect combination of savings on cost, and products that genuinely work.

To complete this new phase of our business, we’ve also launched our new and improved website, making it quicker and easier to do business with us. As ever, an efficient platform for us to connect with our customers is vital, but don’t forget you can always contact us over the phone too.

With such great changes taking place at NECS, we look forward to working with you. Please contact us on 0800 328 8933 to find out how we can keep your premises sparkling!

Feel free to have a look at our accreditations.

Specialist Cleaning

Cleaning solutions to suit your workplace

Cleaning solutions to suit your workplace

Whatever your workplace cleaning needs are, one thing you really don’t want to spend time doing is the cleaning! NECS can help you no matter what your requirements. We ensure that our cleaning teams and environmentally-friendly products will be exactly what the job requires to be done quickly, efficiently and within budget. All we need is to be told what you need cleaning, and we will be along to clean it. Simple!

A top to toe clean

Regular cleans keep everything sparkling down at ground level, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get everything up at ceiling height cleaned as well. In factories and warehouses there can be considerable amounts of dirt on overhead trunking and other vital parts of the building and you can’t expect your regular cleaning team to deal with that. Whether we do your other cleaning or not, NECS can come in with all the specialist cleaning equipment the job needs – from scissor lifts to cherry pickers or static towers – and you will soon have nothing to worry about from the ceiling to the floor. All of our operatives are health and safety trained in both the use of cleaning products and any equipment necessary.

Deep cleaning fragile interiors

We don’t get asked to do antique interiors every day of the week, but when we do, we love the challenge and our managers and team members put their heads together to work out how best to proceed. Old furnishing, especially fabrics, needs very careful cleaning and so we power down our vacuums and use brushes and cloths to make sure everything gets super careful cleaning. Older buildings often have years of dust accumulated in every nook and cranny but that is no problem – if you have a property that can’t take the rough and tumble of a standard clean, we will be pleased to take it on and all we will leave behind is the gleam of polished wood and the smell of dust-free air!

Office refurbishments can leave chaos

If you have recently had an office refurbishment, you will know that it isn’t just the desks and filing cabinets that get moved about – so does all the dust, grime and ancient cobwebs. With time usually of the essence before you have to be up and going again, you can rely on us to be in and out in a very short time, taking all the dirt with us! You won’t need to worry about sneezing staff – our cleaning products are as chemical free as we can make them and our vacuums are all Hepa filtered.

Would you like to find out more about NECS’ cleaning solutions for your workplace? Please call us today on 0800 328 8933.

Worksite cleaning

Not just a cleaning company – a specialist cleaning company

Not just a cleaning company – a specialist cleaning company

It can be problematical keeping commercial premises clean – it’s costly to employ cleaners full time because much of their time on-site could be wasted but on the other hand, you need to keep things looking good for clients as well as being clean for hygiene reasons. This is where NECS comes in – we have many years of experience in cleaning all kinds of commercial properties and whether you want a regular clean or would prefer to call us in ad hoc, you won’t be disappointed because, as the title says, we are not just a cleaning company, we are a specialist cleaning company, so we know exactly what every kind of business and situation needs.

Food and drink outlets need very special treatment

A common mistake made by non-specialist cleaning companies is to treat restaurants, bars and bistros as if they are a home – although they share a lot of elements such as carpets, cooking facilities and toilets, they are very different and a typical ‘housewife’ clean, no matter how rigorous, is simply not enough. Care must be taken over what cleaning product is used where and most especially which cloths are used in which locations – kitchen work surfaces and bathrooms simply do not mix! All the NECS specialist teams have been trained in hygiene requirements for food preparation areas and all parts of the premises where food or drink is served to the public so the owners will know that not only will their premises look clean, they will also pass the most careful inspections.

Deep cleans can transform a property

If you are a landlord or have been having renovations, you may despair that things will ever be shipshape again. NECS are experts in builders’ cleans when sometimes there seems to be more rubble than floor. Our teams are also very proficient when it comes to deep cleaning, so if a property has been much neglected they don’t waste time just skimming the surface, they get right on down and make a difference. Most people would say that a property always looks better when the windows and the floors are clean and this is where NECS really comes into its own. Window cleaning goes without saying, but we also deep clean carpets and can strip and reseal as well as restoring both wood and vinyl flooring so it looks as good as new.

Interested in finding our more about our specialist cleaning services? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 328 8933 or email us at    

Ceiling Cleaning

Facilities Management – everything taken care of in one go

Facilities Management – everything taken care of in one go

NECS UK offers a comprehensive facilities management service, which means that whether your business premises are large or small you can leave all the day-to-day management to us.

This is a huge timesaver for anyone who is finding that they are struggling to find enough hours in the day and not only that – because we will deal with any emergencies that crop up on a daily level, when you finally manage to get an hour or two away from your desk you can relax because we will be your backstop to cover anything that would previously have meant you would be called in.

Tailored cover to suit your needs

We offer a full service covering maintenance and cleaning of all indoor areas as well as making sure that the grounds and approaches to your property are kept up to scratch. We can also undertake the provision of electrical and plumbing work both on a maintenance level and emergency calls out but essentially you are in the driving seat and you can choose what you would like us to be responsible for, although of course for complete peace of mind, the full package is the best way forward.

Save time, money and worry

By handing over the day-to-day work on your business premises, you can tick one of the biggest boxes on your schedule and just forget about it. If you currently have many different firms on which you call for emergency work, maintenance work and cleaning it is certain that you will save money with NECS UK. BUT – it isn’t just about the cost! With one company at the helm you will have just one point of contact whether you need to check progress, report a problem or want to change anything in your contract. This alone can save hours of work – waiting for the right department and then the right person can take ages sometimes (although not when you call NECS UK!) and if you multiply that by the number of companies you currently use, no wonder you never have any time. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and you can soon be on the way to having more time, more money and less stress – facilities management can do all that – and you can make your work life balance work for you again, rather than you being a slave to it.

Want to find out more about how our Facilities Management services could benefit you and your business? Call us on 0800 328 8933 or email